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Osseo Band Freaks

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March 30th, 2006

mysticalflute @ 05:02 pm: Hey! Peoples! Heeeeeeellloooooooooo??? Echo!

My goodness, I haven't heard from any of you in a long time. How's marching band? And/or other bands at other places that may or may not be associated with Osseo? How's Osseo? How's other stuff that may or may not be associated with Osseo?
I'm going back to school in the fall! I'm doing PSEO, though, so no band for a while.

This community is in a sad little state. :(

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

September 26th, 2005

blackbird0414 @ 11:13 pm: Oddly Enough...
I am no longer a student at Osseo, nor did I graduate. I am also no longer involved in band of any sort. One would almost think I don't belong in this community, especially as most of the other people here don't even talk to me even when I say hello anymore.

How odd.

Current Mood: coldcold

September 20th, 2005

miss_hiccup @ 09:46 am: I was wondering, am I still allowed in this since I'm neither an osseo person or a band freak??

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

July 20th, 2005

vescelius @ 07:54 am: COPYCAT
Hello hello hello! If you couldn't figure out, this is Lauren. :P

I'm just posting this because Laura posted something! I'm a copycat! Yay!

I'm sitting on my mom's computer, signed in on the only LJ name my mom has, waiting for it to be noon so I can go to the airport and get on a plane and fly for hours and see my grandparents and dad in Ohio!
I'm bringing my flute with me. Because I am, obviously, completely naked without an instrument. Wow, that presents a pleasant image.

THat would be really weird, if you had to walk around carrying an instrument or you were naked. It's like clothes ON, put down flute/clarinet/bassoboe, Clothes OFF.

That would suck.

Especially if your clothes just turned invisible.

Okay, I'm done!!!

Current Mood: excitedexcited

July 19th, 2005

bandprncss @ 10:51 pm: i figured it had been a while since anyone wrote for this little group ( but then again i just might not notice that anyone has written in this.. but any who...)

booya grandma!!

... that is all :D

June 11th, 2005

meepmeeptigger @ 12:36 pm: Wheeee!
Osseo rocked yesterday. Good job!! hehe

Current Mood: amusedamused

February 18th, 2005

locke340 @ 02:27 pm: everyone should check this out!! Techno version of the OMB songs its GOOD!! http://www.knightsreborn.net/bond.allegretto.mp3

Current Mood: quixoticWEEEE

January 9th, 2005

mysticalflute @ 11:50 am: Visiting. :)
Hey all, I shall be visiting you peoples at your school sometime this week. :)
And if that isn't enough, I'll bring gifts of music and cookies! :D

Current Mood: amusedamused

January 7th, 2005

blackbird0414 @ 03:34 pm: 0.o

I think this community has gotten lost.

Current Mood: boredbored

December 20th, 2004

autiodoom @ 09:24 pm: Entertain me.

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